Cupio-Rase® in Wellness and Healthy Lifestyles

Cupió-Rase® is the natural botanical South American Rainforest plant extract used as the main ingredient offered in CelSana Beauty skin care products. Cupió-Rase® is combined with other botanical high-quality ingredients at their highest allowable percentage. Wellness in our skin health is the sought-after goal of the confidence of knowing that our skin is nourished, moisturized, sustained and maintained with the proper support. Having great complexion, brightness, blemish and spot-free appearance and reduced wrinkles from one topical source brings skin wellness to the pursuit of healthy appearance in the skin. Cupió-Rase® is standardized, pure, sterile, triple packaged and can provide superior quality skin care through using natural resources topically creating a non-invasive skin improvement without prescription. Quality assurance programs maintain strict control at all levels of the manufacturing process. Safety standards are practiced with stability. There are no chemicals, coloring agents, animal products, no petroleum products and is strictly vegan.

Cupió-Rase® is the patented and registered trademark for the natural botanical biomass grown by our company in America by Americans and manufactured with only natural ingredients. It is a true rain forest plant. The biotechnology is backed by 14 years of MD research and superior formulation. The unique name Cupió-Rase® is derived from a combination of Roman Cupid referring to love and “rase” referring to helping the appearance--“The love of helping problematic skin”. Our products’ biotechnology was researched by 24 months of collaboration with Texas A&M University who created a Horticultural Science Pedigree for the rain forest plant. Our team of scientists, physicians and formulators are continually innovating on behalf of the Company to make appropriate usage of Cupió-Rase®. CelSana sales representatives are trained in the CelSana Anti-Aging Skin Care line through CelSana Training Program.

The skin products are guaranteed for two months with an 8-week challenge for complete refund. CelSana Beauty and its products are the best-kept secret in the internet store business. Compare your own skin appearance in your own before-and-after photographs over a 60-day period and see the differences in your own skin. You will be amazed. Our web site is

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