A CelSanian for Life

Becoming a CelSanian for life is a dream that began over a decade ago for the M.D. founder of CelSana®, was developed into a vision, and is now a USPTO patent-pending reality. It represents an improvement in appearance of facial skin from a mediocre skin appearance to elegant quality refined in graceful taste in the complexion of one’s facial skin.

To imagine things in the seed of a plant, that is extraordinary. The dream of a botanical scientist is growing a seed-bearing rain forest plant to maturity and performing research to design a new generation formulation using the botanical extract from the symbiosis of plant compounds to create the difference in human skin care. Aesthetically pleasing, the appearance of four definite characteristics present on a human subject's face has been beneficially improved by repeated topical administration of the CelSana® Day & Night Facial Serums. These four characteristics of skin texture, pore size, skin tone, and radiance are simultaneously improved.

Art and science both apply since not all skin reversal of aging responds equally to topicals. Premium ingredients are formulated in the CelSana® elegant serums and lotions. Testimonials and before-and-after photographs over a three years’ time span confirm our Clinical Testings. Take the 8-week challenge and see if your skin agrees.

Don Wayne Berry, M.D.